Well it has been a busy week for the Tasty Sounds Crew, we did a Bridal show in Woodland Hills on Sunday and exhibited at a Temple in Aliso Viejo/Newport Beach last night. I definitely see an all around lower turnout than in previous years, (I think I talked to 5 people last night) but at least (almost) everyone was Cool at both shows, and we appreciate everyone who stopped by our booth to talk to us.

The “Two Party Chix” Company – (949-766-9921, Linda & Rochelle) put the whole Bar/Bat Mitzvah show together at the Temple Beth El of the OC last night, and squeezed us in at the last minute. Big thanks to the both of them for all their hard work.

Another big thanks goes out to the “Here Comes The Brides” crew for a year of great shows in a very tough time. Sunday was the last show for 2009, and Winston was a huge help all day long. Micki and Elijah are the creators of this Bridal Event, which I think we handled 12 stage fashion shows for them in 2009 (whew!) The two of them and their great crew bring a very successful show to the Los Angeles area, and we look forward to the new & improved 2010 season, along with all the models & vendors involved in this show.