Maybe you deserve a DJ/MC who isn’t practicing on your event to get better. Would you like a DJ who can actually inspire your crowd on the microphone, and on the decks, who isn’t sitting behind his booth staring at his laptop playing music that isn’t fun, afraid to give a basic introduction with enthusiasm?   At Tasty Sounds we believe your DJ/MC should be a professional, and if you wouldn’t let someone practice on your teeth, your car, or try his first tattoo on you, why would you let them do it on the most important moment of your life. If that makes sense to you I suggest you sit down with us now, if not please read on.

10,000 Hours is a MASTER

5,000 Hours and under is an Amateur

Let’s do the math, you work every Saturday for a year (really amazing for a new DJ) that’s around 400 hours for the year, by year 3 you have 1200 hours and about a 150 events under your belt, guess what your still an amateur. I believe YOU deserve better, and I’m not alone because in poll after poll 80% of all brides and grooms agreed that AFTER the wedding was over they realized entertainment was the single biggest factor in their wedding and they did not budget or think about it enough; (Corporate Clients & Mitzvah parents usually have another crack at fixing the mistake of a bad DJ).

So instead of settling on a DJ company with 25-75 Djs who have maybe done about 20 events, and the sales staff is promising there going to be really amazing, and they have all the fake Yelp reviews to prove it, maybe go with the most realistic approach and sit down with your performer one on one. Our Master Class DJ/MCs have 5,000 to 10,000 hours of experience and in your consultation with them you will get absolutely get it. So now are you ready for a meeting?



Al Darroch “DJ Alvis”
Brian Pierce “DJ Phenixx”
Sergio Orozco
Nathan Murray – Master DJ
Dru Solari
Jennifer Lyons
Tony Clifton

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A Picture Is Worth A  …



Top 10 Los Angeles Beach Wedding Venues

One of the best things we love about Los Angeles and So-Cal is our beaches and the ocean views. The ocean cleans our souls and recharges the ions in our body. It’s one of the reasons I keep going out to get pummeled by the waves trying to surf a 3 foot swell, (I suck), because I love how I feel at the end of the day. Getting married on the beach and having your reception near the ocean seems like a no-brainer for a fresh start to your life. So if your newly engaged and looking for a Los Angeles Wedding venue near or on the beach here are 10 of my favorites. (Alphabetical Order)

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Irene’s 50th – “Dancing Through The Decades” – Video DJ at Port Theater Birthday Bash.

Turning 50? What better way to celebrate than a trip through the decades of your life with a Video DJ at the Port Theater in Corona Del Mar, which is exactly what Irene did. Party Planner Lisa Fogerty was most instrumental in fusing the foods and decor with the decades. TV dinners for the ’60s, fondue for the ’70s, Chinese chicken salad for the ’80s and so on. When you watch our video recap keep your eyes out for all the tremendous props from each decade. Besides being the Video dj, we also had to time, Go-Go dancers, skaters, Greek dancers, and Country Line Dancing. We also helped create a re-enactment of the “You’re The One That I want” Grease movie scene with Irene’s husband.

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Bruno’s Airport LA Mitzvah

We had the unique opportunity to entertain for the Kushnir families LA Bar Mitzvah at the 94th Aero Squadron. The 94th Aero Squadron is a very unique location, and if you’ve never seen it, it resembles an old bombed out Chateau from Europe during the WWI era. We lit one of those bombed out looking rooms with red up-lights giving the room a dramatic feel. The guests all ate inside, but we had all of the entertainment, (DJ, Video Screens and Photo Booth) outside.

As you watch the video you can see everyone dancing the Hora around the fire pit. The video shows two examples of games being played. The 2 person tug-o-war is a game we don’t play a lot but boy is it a hit with everyone. At the end of the video, you will see the family testimonial and you will get too see Bruno’s Pharrell inspired hat; I can’t wait till he’s in his 30’s and looks back at that hat :).

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Mulholland Tennis Club Los Angeles DJ Events

We recently handled two Mitzvah’s at the newly renovated Mulholland Tennis Club and both events went great. One was for a cool skater dude named Danny and the other one was for the fun spitfire Sasha. The club itself can be hard to find because it sits near the top of Laurel Canyon on Mulholland Drive, but that’s a plus. It has one of the best views of Los Angeles and the Valley, from its giant glass windows right next to the dance floor. If you’re looking for a location that doesn’t have that tired boring ballroom feel, check out this location and speak to Meagan about all the details. I love the huge dance floor that is right next to the cool sunken bar. This setup keeps your party happening near the dance floor at all times, perfect for any Mulholland Tennis Club Los Angeles DJ.

Danny’s awesome party was filled with the energy that only athletic teenage youths can bring to a rocket-fueled event. My single mom, Allison Stein from Santa Monica,  knocked it out of the park with how she handled the whole exhausting day. Here is a tiny slice of that evening.

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El Adobe OC Bar Mitzvah

We have handled 2 other OC Bar Mitzvah’s and one Bat Mitzvah at the El Adobe Restaurant in San Juan Capistrano and each time we have worked here it has been the most amazing time. This is a great place for a Bar Mitzvah, OC Wedding or Holiday Corporate event; it has a ton of room to move around, a huge bar and the very best moment is when a member of the super chill staff, hits the button and the roof opens up to the beautiful night sky, (it really is amazing). The Mexican food they serve is also spectacular, just wished we lived a little bit closer.

Sam was a really great young dude, and he really enjoyed dancing with his friends, family, and getting down with his Orange County Bar Mitzvah DJs. When you watch the video you will see his great choreographed dance opening, a huge crowd filled Hora, and some fun footage of our Tasty Sounds Black Light experience, keep an eye out for some of the cool dance moves that his buds throw down. Mom & Dad, Jennifer and Terry Portnoff  where great fun and easy to work with, and we look forward to helping them out with their daughters event in the future. One of the best things parents can do once everything is planned, is just have fun, and if you work with us, that is exactly what you will do.

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Destination Wedding DJ with LA DJ Alvis

Los Angeles Wedding DJ in Rhode Island

Destination wedding DJ jobs are always interesting, since you’re juggling flights, hotels, car rentals, equipment specifications and just trying to find the damn place. I came in a day ahead of time and arrived early enough to attend the rehearsal dinner, were I got to meet everybody face to face for the first time, and I still had enough time to go to the first and oldest tavern in America, (it’s in Newport).

So how did I end up in Newport Rhode Island for the first time? Once in awhile I get a request to handle a DJs professional’s personal event, and while that is an honor it can also be stressful. I have handled my good friend Marty Glassman’s daughters Molly’s Bat Mitzvah, and I have handled a couple of weddings for some local Los Angeles Wedding DJs and just recently my super skilled and creative buddy Tim of “DJ Timbo” asked if I was up to the challenge of handling his brother Robert’s daughter’s wedding in Newport Rhode Island; Tim just wanted the pleasure of being a guest.

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