Harbor Day School Family Festival

I have handled the “Harbor Day School” family festival for 5 years with all sorts of fun from Kindergarten to 8th Grade. Sack Races, Water Balloon Toss, and of course Limbo. Check out our new Limbo Pole Holders, (don’t know if I can afford them though) :). If you need idea’s for games for an upcoming party email me for suggestions djalvis@tastysounds.com.

Harbor Day Family Festival 2011 from DJ Alvis on Vimeo.

A Web Celebs Sweet Video

Sometimes I come across something so creative I just have to step back and breathe. Can you imagine coming home after working your hard job and getting back to work on your video project that is this complicated. Kina Grannis, 26 did just that with this video using 288,000 jelly beans and a concept idea by director Greg Jardin. Production was very intense for each of the 2,460 individual frames, and a crew had to build a jelly bean portrait out of thousands of jelly beans which Grannis would then lay down on a piece of glass mounted over the jelly beans. The topper to this video is that the song is really great, and I will definitely add it to the Tasty Sounds play-lists.

4 Harlem Shake Videos

Yes I know the Harlem Shake craze is weird, (and a huge waste of time if your looking at them on youtube)  and many of you don’t understand it, but anytime I can get all crazy then I’m all the way in. The first one is for my Daughter Kelly’s elementary school Calahan, they had a jog-o-thon that I volunteer for and I talked them into doing it. The second video is for a great family (Hamontree) in Newport who had a 8 year old birthday party. I’m not sure the kids understood what I wanted them to do, but they seem crazy and Jen my dancer and I had fun. The next one is St. Eupharasia Catholic School in Granada Hills, and I was handling another Jog-o-thon. What was great about this one is the principal Mrs. Blair helped start things off, fun school, fun parents, and great teachers. Lastly we handled Maia Yosef’s Bat Mitzvah and of course we had to do the Harlem Shake. It’s a little like where’s Waldo but instead it’s wheres DJ Alvis?

Tasty Tunes 2012

Back in the Mix for 2012. A set with DJ Alvis and Phenixx on the 1’s and 2’s, blending Old School Favorites, Today’s Hits and Funky Mash-Ups. Just in time for your Summer BBQ or just Rocking out on the way to work.

Download is available. Get yours Now!