The best part of a truly good dj, and a truly good DJ set, is the DJ’s ability to transition among many styles styles and genres, weaving a narrative between disparate genres. L.A.’s own DJ Alvis is a DJ not confined by genres. In DJ Alvis’ decades-long career as a Club and Special Event DJ, he’s worked to connect the dots between hip-hop, house, soul, funk, alternative rock, disco, classic rock, grunge, rap and drunken outlaw country. You don’t know what you’re worth until you rock and audience that has access to everything, like L.A. crowds. – Dj Timbo

So… I started this company in 1990, a few years after graduating from Utah State University. As an Air Force kid, I was born in Texas, but lived all over the U.S. and Europe. I was really into music as a kid, and it was probably a big mystery to my Neil Diamond listening parents why their 10 year old was bringing home Ohio Players funk albums and cranking up “Fire” and “Sweet Sticky Thing”.  In college, as a fluke I started spinning at some of the Frat Parties in town and I started to get invited to lots of parties, and when I became a Pike, I took over the music duties and moved our frats parties from the gutter to legendary status. After graduating with a BFA in Theater, I came to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. I was becoming annoyed waiting tables, so I paid the bills by working in the L.A. Club scene earning my Club DJ wings before dreaming up the idea of Tasty Sounds. My wife Diane and our daughter Kelly Marie are my biggest joys, and biggest inspiration. I haven’t missed a ski season in 35 years, so yeah I can ski. I also love my football, go Fins and Chargers. So how do I burn off the stress from Weddings, Mitzvah’s, Schools and Corporate events, well by fighting of course? I currently hold an 8th degree black belt in Kung Fu San Soo; which is my main hobby along with being a major comic geek.