Harbor Day School Family Festival

I have handled the “Harbor Day School” family festival for 5 years with all sorts of fun from Kindergarten to 8th Grade. Sack Races, Water Balloon Toss, and of course Limbo. Check out our new Limbo Pole Holders, (don’t know if I can afford them though) :). If you need idea’s for games for an upcoming party email me for suggestions djalvis@tastysounds.com.

Harbor Day Family Festival 2011 from DJ Alvis on Vimeo.

Orange County School Dance DJ & Video DJ at the Port Theater Newport Beach CA

Usually when we Video DJ (VJ) we show the videos on our cool Plasma Screens or on our 7×10 foot movie screen or both and it looks amazing, but recently we have been in absolute heaven because we have been able to show our Videos on the movie screen of the Port Theater in Newport Beach and it is AWESOME! We have done 4 events in this beautiful venue in the past 2 months; a Bar Mitzvah for the Maister family, a 50th Birthday for John Tallichet, a 9 year old Birthday party with lots of little girls dancing and St. Margaret’s Winter Formal.

The Winter formal for St. Margaret’s Episcopal School had an “Oscar Theme”, complete with a 4 foot tall Ice Oscar. Our Contact Lora Allison really pulled it all together for her school and the students really had a great time. I was super impressed at how organized they were with everything right down to the pick up point with the breathalyzer test for all the students.

If your looking for a different kind of place to have your event give Kristin Coates a call at the Port ((949) 723-6333) and think about adding Video on to your party. The great thing about a VJ package is that even if your hanging back from the dance floor your still having fun being engaged by the videos. Nothing like seeing Abba sing dancing queen, Steve Perry belt out a Journey song, or watching the craziness of a LFMAO video.

You can find more info about Tasty Sounds at plus.google.com/u/0/108112266805482198793/posts or on their youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TastySoundsLA/videos


Grad Parties for Kenter Canyon, Topeka & Aliso Viejo

Official School Dance DJ Los Angeles

Well it took me almost a year to get these images up (next round of Grad parties already coming up real soon!) but if you want to watch what Tasty Tunes, Cool Kids and good planning will get you… then enjoy. This was our 5th Event for the Kenter Canyon Elementary Charter School, our 2nd Event for Jane Kluck and Aliso Viejo Middle School and our 1st one for Evette Knight and Topeka Elementary in Northridge. Feel free to forward this link to the other parents, nothing like watching your kid getting his or her groove on.

Kenter, Topeka, Aliso Viejo Grad Parties 2010 from DJ Alvis on Vimeo.


3 Energy Filled Monday Nights

So if you need an energy boost I suggest hanging out with 300 students after a week of leadership camp, which is what I got to do for 3 Monday’s in July. So technically I entertained 900 students of the NYLF , a camp for Student leaders all over america, who at the end of a week long intensive leadership camp got to let off some steam with a Dinner & Dance. These young adults, from different states, backgrounds, worlds danced non stop and kept the energy up for over 3 hours. Check out the video and enjoy the ENERGY.

National Youth Leadership Forum – Teen Dinner & Dance from DJ Alvis on Vimeo.

3 High energy NYLF Dances from DJ Alvis on Vimeo.