Lighting Décor

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Want to transform your room?

We believe the best decoration any room can have is an item you can’t even touch, LIGHT. Think about it, when you go see a band outdoors in the day its okay, but that same band on stage at night with all the lights on, holy cow!

We want to be your solution for event lighting, and we will sit down with you to create that memorable mood that takes your party to the next level. We have the creative & technical teams to make any indoor or outdoor décor lighting memorable, including up lights, pin spotting, lighted gobo patterns, string lights, lanterns, and moving heads. We will work with you to see that your vision, from subtle candle light washes creating a dream like romantic setting; to the mind blowing effect of a Las Vegas hot spot is fully realized.

Best of all, since we are a DJ company we are constantly thinking of how the lights will affect the dance floor mood. Where some company’s might only think in terms of “Pretty”, we are thinking about matching the right energy to your vision. Call us now to discuss creating a Tasty Lighting package for you.