LA Wedding DJ escapes to Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort Wedding

So sometimes we get to do things that my other DJ friends will say “no way how cool is that!”, and handling a Wedding at the top of Mammoth, where I have spent many a day with the same DJ buds skiing and partying, is just such an occasion. Ariel & Marco Navaro wanted to have a wedding in a place that was truly special to the two of them and Mammoth was it.  After taking my family to the top and showing where daddy skis I was off to the races. I did have to take a Gondola up with my equipment (that was a challenge) and back down by myself in the dead of night, pretty spooky, especially since the only guy left with me is hurrying around locking up the place so that the bears don’t get in. One of my shots is of the cornice (top of Mammoth, and one of my favorite runs) and as I pan down you will see the first dance, pretty cool moment for me, (and I’m sure for Ariel & Marco). So if your question is do you travel, the answer is YES! (for a few $ more of course). Interested in having your event on a world class mountain? Then contact Steve Roby the Director of  Special Events up at Mammoth and he and his great staff will take care of you.

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Westlake Village Wedding DJ handles Disney Wedding at the Calamigos Ranch.

Westlake Village wedding DJ; DJ Brian was at the Calamigo’s Ranch in Malibu to handle the Disney themed Wedding of Brittany & Michael Ruff. The couple, had a Disney vision which you can see in our video brought together by Brian (a huge Disney fan) and Top Wedding Coordinator, Mindy Roderick – – We also had the chance to work with a perfect photographer for this wedding Jen                 (perfect right ?). Brian mentioned that both women made his Los Angeles Wedding DJ job easy and you can see a few of Jen’s photo’s in the video. The couple definitely had fun jamming and even though the dance footage is dark you can see those light ropes jumping around :).

Westlake Village Wedding DJ (Tasty Sounds) at the Calamigo’s Ranch, handle the Disney Wedding of Brittany & Michael Ruff. from DJ Alvis on Vimeo.

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Los Angeles Wedding DJ Music, Decor, Light Show

Castle Reception Recap at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu

So we have featured this wedding once before on this blog, but I just recently got the professional video footage of the wedding from my good buddy Doug Brannigan a videographer from Envision Productions and his camera captured the true color, energy and style of the whole day, way better than my crappy attempt with my little Flip Vid. Side note, his brother Mike “David Michael Photographywas the Photographer on this event at the world famous Calamigos Ranch (Pavilion Room).

This was a wedding where I was the MC/DJ & the Lighting Designer, and it was probably one our most creative lighting jobs yet. Check out the deep colors of that room, it was awesome and magical, (my lighting crew rocks!).  If your looking for a Los Angeles wedding DJ who can take your party to that next level, then this is the company.

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This video shows our upgraded lighting we used at Calamigos Ranch Wedding recently. Congrats and thanks to Mr and Mrs. Castle for letting us be a part of thier special day!

Tasty Sounds DJs are your Southern California DJ Company. Our DJs come equipped to improve any function, small or large, into an extraordinary event that the friends will probably be raving about for many years!

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Castle Reception Recap from DJ Alvis on Vimeo.

Los Angeles Wedding DJ at Westlake Village Inn

Huberman Wedding at Westlake Village Inn

So Evette Knight – booked us on this job at the always beautiful Westlake Village Inn this year for Jason & Stacy just after seeing us at another event (A Bat Mitzvah). As you can see by some of the photo’s from Next Exit Photography , it turned out amazing. I handled all the DJ duties but Tasty Sounds was also contracted to handle all the decorative lighting, which included about 20 LED up lights around the room, that changed colors to go with the vibe of the evening. We also highlighted the cake and down lit the dance floor with a simple spring tree pattern, to give some depth and energy to the pictures and the dance floor, (not easy in this multi-level room). And lastly we created a custom lighted Logo (gobo) to match the runner and the cake topper. This was a fun wedding mainly due to working with Evette, if you need a wedding coordinator that will work with you, create unique ideas and take care of you, Evette and her staff are the perfect choice.

Check out Stacy and Jason’s video provided by Americana Cinema