Irene’s 50th – “Dancing Through The Decades” – Video DJ at Port Theater Birthday Bash.

Turning 50? What better way to celebrate than a trip through the decades of your life with a Video DJ at the Port Theater in Corona Del Mar, which is exactly what Irene did. Party Planner Lisa Fogerty was most instrumental in fusing the foods and decor with the decades. TV dinners for the ’60s, fondue for the ’70s, Chinese chicken salad for the ’80s and so on. When you watch our video recap keep your eyes out for all the tremendous props from each decade. Besides being the Video dj, we also had to time, Go-Go dancers, skaters, Greek dancers, and Country Line Dancing. We also helped create a re-enactment of the “You’re The One That I want” Grease movie scene with Irene’s husband.

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Dolby Sound Holiday Party

Dolby Labs in Burbank are a group of super smart engineers and around the holidays they want to have fun just like everyone else. They had their event, last December at the Equestrian Center in Burbank, a beautiful location for any significant event. I created a few well planned games like our “Blitz of Hitz” and our new game “Karaoke Wars” which made this event spectacular.

In the game “Blitz of Hitz” we have the tables compete against each other by having the table your sitting at listening to our custom clip and trying to guess the most artists and songs in that 1 minute clip. Sounds easy, but it’s not, and in 10 years nobody has guessed them all right. In that 1 minute clip we play about 35 songs, with about 5 famous movie lines and some random stuff thrown in, and you have about 3 minutes to conference with your table and write them down on the pad of paper we provided. We have about 4 different categories (50’s, 80’s, Disco & Rock), and this is a great way to get everybody to know each other before dinner and break the ice. You would think a company like Dolby Sounds would rule at this, but alas they where very normal.

Karaoke Wars was pretty easy, I threw random artist into a hat, Sinatra, Elvis, Gaga, Katy Perry, Michael, Madonna, Aretha, etc… and if you want to compete for the top prize you must reach in to the hat and sing what you grab. Sounds easy? Not really since you might grab someone you love, but most likely you’ll be singing Vanilla Ice, but man is it fun to watch. For a charge we bring our 7×10 screen and our 7000 song Karaoke library and you can sit back and watch the carnage begin. This is way better way to watch Karaoke, instead of being tortured by a bunch of wannabe’s who take thier selves way to seriously, this way people get to have some real fun. So enjoy my little video of some of the Dolby fun, and oh yeah the song is a Mashup called “Follow Me To A Wonderful World” (Elijah King vs. Louis Armstrong vs. Uncle Kracker vs. Bruno Mars vs. Rich & B*tch).

Corporate Holiday Lunch

law firm Sidley & Austin LLP has a holiday luncheon every year, usually at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, and since their offices are right across the street this is a good combo for them. Usually holiday lunches are a more low key event and you tend to focus on the raffles and the networking, but if you plan ahead and (have us) you can still create a great energy. This firm loves the contests and they are very good at coming up with many of the contests we have used in the past, I even remember one year we had a Jenga contest. The holiday committee bought about 30 Jenga games, and put them at each table, and then after making up some ground rules we had a massive Jenga contest, it was pretty fun. How many different ideas do we have here at Tasty Sounds for a holiday party besides dancing, well to many to print here so call us.

If you watch the video below you will see last years event, and you will see a Blues Brothers Tribute, the Managing Partner Speech, Cocktails, awards and what is that … DANCING! Yes even without a dance floor (we had a stage) people can’t stop the impulse of dancing to our music. Oh and yes we found much better use for Hot Chocolate’s “You Sexy Thing” than a Swifter commercial, in fact it’s mashed up with Bruno Mars and it’s extremely TASTY as the background track.