The Next Level

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Want to take your event to the next level?

We have new ideas that many people have never seen and very few have experienced. You may have seen “Dueling Pianos” before at a club or at my favorite place to see them, the NY, NY casino in Las Vegas, but have you ever seen Dueling DJs! Two of our DJs play for the crowd, trying to top each other while working with the crowd and taking requests, creating comedy and motivating sing a longs and then the magic happens.

Have you had a chance to participate in the Headphone Silent DJ craze yet, (it’s still pretty new)? Well we have are now offering our “HUSH” DJ experience and we would love to share how 200 people at an event can be MUSIC QUIET, like a church… but the most rocking dancing church ever!

Did you used to watch music videos on MTV and VH1? Don’t you miss all those cool video’s (I do), and where do you get to see new videos except on YouTube? Well if you book out Video DJ package, we bring the screens and projectors and our DJs mix, scratch and loop the videos in a perfect mix, while your guests are immersed inside the music video as they dance.