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Destination wedding DJ jobs are always interesting, since you’re juggling flights, hotels, car rentals, equipment specifications and just trying to find the damn place. I came in a day ahead of time and arrived early enough to attend the rehearsal dinner, were I got to meet everybody face to face for the first time, and I still had enough time to go to the first and oldest tavern in America, (it’s in Newport).

So how did I end up in Newport Rhode Island for the first time? Once in awhile I get a request to handle a DJs professional’s personal event, and while that is an honor it can also be stressful. I have handled my good friend Marty Glassman’s daughters Molly’s Bat Mitzvah, and I have handled a couple of weddings for some local Los Angeles Wedding DJs and just recently my super skilled and creative buddy Tim of “DJ Timbo” asked if I was up to the challenge of handling his brother Robert’s daughter’s wedding in Newport Rhode Island; Tim just wanted the pleasure of being a guest.

Not only was I going to be under the scrutiny of Tim, but his brother used to be an employee of Y.S.B.D., (You Should Be Dancing), the biggest DJ company in Los Angeles in the 80’s & 90’s, (it’s still big) and also owned by Tim & Roberts Uncle, Mike Ryan. If that was not enough DJs, the father of the Groom was an ex DJ, and one of the grooms brothers was an ex DJ from a huge company in Chicago, so like I said I had some scrutiny. You may ask, why not use a DJ from the area or from New York City or Boston, and I guess he tried, and was not happy with what he was hearing. Personally I think he just trusted his brother Tim and Tim was just drunk enough the last time he saw me work :). If you listen to the testimonial at the end of the video you will hear how it all turned out.

The location of the wedding was at the Rose Cliff Mansion, an utterly amazing historic venue, which was used in the 1974 version of The Great Gatsby  as well as a few other movies. It has some very spectacular views, and the ballroom was like being in scene of “Downtown Abbey”. The Bride and Groom, Katherine & Konrad Honey, were so much fun and both families seemed to feed off the energy of this special couple who came into this majestic room to an equally majestic “Star Wars Throne Room End Title” song by John Williams and danced their first dance right away to “Hannah Hunt” by Vampire Weekend. This Los Angeles wedding DJ likes to get everyone dancing before dinner and we had a monster dance set. Many guests came up and told me that they had never danced before dinner and thought that it was a great idea… I do too :).

I could say a whole bunch more about our great lounge singer Seth, our dinner entertainment Ryan Star, and the crew of Dreamlight Wedding Films out of Boston, but it’s easier to let our little video tell the rest of the story.



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Newport Beach Bat Mitzvah DJ

Doctor Who Mitzvah in Newport Beach

Danielle Widerman had her rocking Doctor Who themed Bat Mitzvah with all her friends and our super skilled MC Brian Pierce led the charge for Tasty Sounds. This was his second event for the family.  He handled Courtney’s Bat Mitzvah 7 years ago, and this one was just as fun. While the catering staff changed the room over from the service that was held earlier, Newport Beach Bat Mitzvah DJ Brian led some games outside on the field for prizes (Classic Battle Roy-ale Hula Hoop), and when everyone was having cocktails on the patio, a company called the “San Diego TARDIS company (Karen 810-293-7707) came in and set up a British Style Phone Booth, which if you watch the show Dr. Who is called a T.A.R.D.I.S., and a big part of the show, (it’s basically the spaceship). So when it was time for the grand entrance, we led the family in from the doors, but we hid our Newport Bat Mitzvah girl Danielle in the Phone Booth and she popped out when we played the Dr. Who theme song, with a couple of Cosplay Doctors.

We are lucky that we get to handle so many Orange County Bar Mitzvah’s, and get to have special families like the Widerman’s who re-book us for many big family moments. Have fun watching our own personal highlight reel of the day.


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